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Rick Newman - Lobbyist


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Rick Newman is a former New Hampshire State Representative and Portsmouth City Councilor. With over 37 years of experience in New Hampshire state government, Rick is an established figure, lobbying on behalf of both local and national companies.

Rick is a member of the Association of Government Relations Professionals (AGRP) and proudly observes strict ethical guidelines in his practice. Rick takes a personal approach to lobbying, operating as an individual and keeping the client’s interest his top priority.


Rick’s services include drafting, advocating and testifying for the passage of legislation that will benefit the interests of his clients, as well as lobbying against legislation that is harmful to their business interests.

Advocating for businesses to bring about beneficial outcomes

As an experienced lobbyist for businesses, Rick specializes in navigating complex legislative techniques to advance the business’ point of view and bring about favorable results.

Opposing legislation that can harm the interests of businesses

Another aspect of Rick’s lobbying services involves opposing harmful legislation in order to protect business interests. Rick initiates the appropriate opposition in support of his clients’ interests.

Collaborating with stakeholders and lawmakers for ideal results

Rick serves as an informed communicator, working alongside both stakeholders and lawmakers to ensure that legislative decisions are made based on accurate information. Rick offers a valuable service to both business stakeholders and conscientious lawmakers, providing important facts and information to the appropriate parties. This ensures that the legislation is fair and has the best interests of his clients in mind.


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